Busy Summer Bliss

Busy Summer Bliss

I’ve been kind of quiet lately. That is, however, not due to lack of news – rather the contrary. It has been crazy busy and I simply haven’t found the time to sit down and write about everything that has been going on. As a very brief summary of all the things that have been happening it is worth mentioning the bliss of summer, Icelandic visitors, V starting in a new kindergarten, crazy busy schedules with our Master thesis work, we starting a new exercising program (at last!), some very interesting developments regarding sleep, JA showing new tendencies, and V showing some quite amazing skills. So, yeah… there is plenty to talk about.

Since I’m only squeezing in a few lines this time round before I head to bed (way too late!), I’m only going to give you bits and pieces for now. I’ll have to wait with the rest until later. I promise it won’t be too long.

Well, first of all, summer arrived in all its glory and for two weeks the weather was nothing short of fantastic. Given that I am an Icelander, it is kind of imprinted in my genes that when the weather is this nice, I simply have to go outside – and stay outside! I guess it’s the geographical positioning of Iceland, so close to the arctic circle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We have so long and dark winters and short summers that when the sun is shining it’s almost mandatory to get outside – now! It’s almost mandatory to make the most of every sunny hour of the day. On particularly good days, some offices even close early and give their employees the afternoon off! Every opportunity to drink in the vitamin D is used to the fullest! And even though I live in a warmer, sunnier place right now, I still have trouble staying inside for too long when the weather is nice.

Summer Boys

The Boys Enjoying Summer

So, we’ve practically been staying outside from morning ’til dusk which has brought up the energy level, lifted our spirits and provided a bit of a healthy tan. This has been particularly amazing since we’ve had visitors from Iceland staying with us for a few days, giving us a perfect excuse not to stay inside and study. Of course, that is biting us in the asses now and we have to make up for lost time study-wice. But it was so worth it! Not only is it like a breath of fresh air having someone over from Iceland, but the weather has also made a great difference. We’ve even started exercising – and believe you me – it was time! I haven’t mentioned this before but in retrospect we’ve been realizing just how big of a toll the last winter has taken, mentally and physically. We’ve both felt so out of energy, not been nearly as cheerful as we normally are, and put on some unwanted weight. Looking back at pictures from last summer, it feels like we’ve aged years! So yeah, it is pretty clear that the last 8 months have been everything but easy.

But now we feel like we are starting over. There is a sense of optimism and energy in the air. Just the fact that the sun is shining and we are back on our feet, up and running (literally muhaha!) makes all the difference. It amazes me how important it is to get the pulse up a bit and eat healthy food. It is essential for my mental health and makes me feel good about myself! So to wrap it up for now, I’m going to encourage you all to get on your feet, go out and exercise. It’s crazy difficult while you’re at it (especially in the beginning) but it’s soooo good afterwards! But that’s nothing new – we all know that! I certainly did and yet I didn’t do anything for months. But now I am and I feel amazing already!

…as an afterthought… the picture that’s been keeping me going when I’m so tired I just want to throw myself on the ground. I hope it has the same effect on you.

Don't Stop!

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  1. Yndislegir strákarnir þínir, ef þeir eru eitthvað líkir mínum strákum, þá efast ég ekki um að útiveran eigi vel við þá… er alveg sammála þér hvað allt virðist miklu auðveldara og bjartara þegar sólin skín í heiði :-) Ég er einmitt búin að vera að hreyfa mig og gefa mér tíma for myself, og ég finn þvílíkan mun á geðheilsunni, mom happy, life happy :-) Knús á ykkur!

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