Family and Autism Live!

Family and Autism Live!

Last week I reported that this blog now has well over 1000 followers (and in fact it’s now well over 1100!), something I am still very much amazed about. And what a coincidence that in the same week, I was contacted by Autism Live, a network focusing on everything autism related, that broadcasts online on weekdays from 9am to 12pm Pacific time, for an interview. Apparently, they had stumbled upon my blog and found it interesting enough to contact me and ask if I was willing to be interviewed live via Skype. And I agreed.

You can imagine my reaction when contacted by them. I was quite surprised and honored but also fairly nervous. First of all, this would be a live interview which is always a bit nerve-wracking, and secondly, it was, naturally, to take place in English. You might be surprised that this would be intimidating to me given that I write this blog in English but you see, despite me being fairly comfortable with the English language, it is not my native language (it’s Icelandic) and I was admittedly a little worried that the combination of me speaking in English in an interview that would be broadcasted live, would not necessarily turn out to be be a great idea.

When Autism Live called me up last Monday, right before the live broadcast, I was very nervous, but Shannon, the show’s host, was very sweet and reassuring and made me feel somewhat at ease. Then the interview started and it turned out to be so much easier than I expected. I might even have avoided making too much of a fool of myself! However, I want to point out that my lack of eye-contact is due to the fact that while she (Shannon, and for that matter, everyone else) could see me, my screen was blank. Then again, I guess most of you autism-parents reading this are kind of used to lack of eye-contact! ;) All in all, it was an interesting experience and I feel very honored to have been asked to do it in the first place. So if you are interested, I’ve uploaded the embedded video (see below) from the YouTube channel of Autism Live. I hope you like it.

In other news, I wanted to let you know that right now I’m in the middle of the final push for my Master Thesis so I’m probably not going to be blogging too frequently in the next month and a half. However, I have a few articles coming up, e.g. an interesting new development with our little V, a little something about therapy for parents of autistic children and more… So, although it might be a little slow, the blog will not be in hibernation and I hope you’ll be visiting often.

But back to the interview, here it is:

As always, commenting and sharing is more than welcomed! ~Ragga

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      • You are very beautiful……but I know what you mean. I posted my first youtube two days ago, but stayed out of the camera….only see my chair…LOL…but you can hear my voice…he he….
        Such an aspie I am! Hugs, Sam :)

        • Well Sam, a chair is a step in the right direction, right?! ;) …next you can perhaps show a strain of hair and then for the third time round, we could possibly get a glimpse of your earlobe? :)

  1. Hæ Ragga mín! Þetta er frábært blogg hjá þér, ég er ekkert smá stolt af þér!! Hlakka til að sjá ykkur í haust :*

    Kv. Erna (hans Fannars)

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